Sunday, January 10, 2010

Muchilot Bagavathi Kunnav Muchilot kavu

Muchilot Bagavathi theyyam performed at Kunnav Muchilot Kavu on 10 January 2010. To watch the performance of Thamburatti Chirakkal thamburan came to the Pallimadam
A great experience to me
Theyyam calls Thamburan as Naduvazhi
Explaimned her origin
Praising the ruling family
Received cloth from the Thamburan
Before that Bagavathy danced beautifully
Gave blessings to the devotees
Take a symbolic bath in the pond
Before taking the bath
Standing on a peedam
Acting ............ brushing the tooth
Oiling the hair
Shambooing by using leaves

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