Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The term denotes the right of the naduvazhis of the concerened area
It equals the modern patron
They have the right to occupy padippura
Also have the right to padippuram kaliyattam
For instance the koymma at Nileshwaram Muthappan Temple is Koroth Kunhambu Nair
At Madappally madam Someswari temple ............ Periyaram Nair family members
Nileshwar Padinhare Chamundi temple ............. Koroth Kunhambu Nair
In every Kazhakam run by Maniyani, Thiyyas etc have Koymmas and Padippuras
Also in Muchilot kavus, kavus of Veluthedath nair, Vilakkithala nair, Viswakarmas, etc
All are accepting the position of Koymmas
They have the power to dictate as per the theyyam ritual
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