Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kadamkot Makkam Thottam

Performed at Kadamkot Makkam Arooda tharavad every year .
The thottam pattu tells the story of the origin of Kadamkot Makkam
Thousands sat on the ground from evening to next morning to here the thottam pattu
The theyyam artists acting with the thottam pattu
The song sung for about 8 hours
The devotees felt the origin of Kadamkot makkam theyyam
It tells the prosecution of sister in laws
At last the brothers of Makkam murdered her along with son Chathu and daughter Cheeru
One Mavilan saw the cold blodded murder
He also lost his life
Now four theyyams are performed
Kadamkot Makkam
Cheeru and Mavilan
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