Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chayillyam Logan and Theyyattam Other Voice

While watching theyyam at Eramam Muchilot Kavu
I met one manHis face tells his intelligence.
But behave like an ordinary man.
I talked him about Chayllyam.
He put some questions before me.
Is Theyyam a ritual ?
Is it belonged to a separate community ?
Is here a Koyma accepted by all ?
Is here a panthal separate for Namboothiris ?
Is here personification of goddess ?
Knowing all this why all non believers assembled here along with lakhs of believers ?
Why they criticising rituals ?
Why they kept silent on the monopoly of covering the theyyam festival for selling cds through internet at a rate of $50 and above ?
Why the announcements give importance to the coverage of vedeography than giving repeated announcement about theft ?
Why the devotees are driving away from temple premises ?
Is it for the coverage ?Why the people are forbidden from taking photograph of theyyam ?They are taking the potograph with devotion........ is it for business purpose ?
ThenWhat the relation with Logans theyyattam and the theyyattam of today ?
Is Theyyattam originated in the minds of Dalits as per the study of its origin ?
But what happened to their pathis now ?
Is the organisers give any chance to them to perform their theyyam also ?
Then he told me
Try to answer yourself
I put all these questions on you

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