Saturday, January 9, 2010

Theyyams at Eramam Muchilot Kavu

Muchilot Bagavathi
Kannagat Bagavathi
Puliyoor Kali
Puliyur Kannan
Narambil Bagavathi
Kundor Chamundi
Other Kolams
Other specialities
Elath with devotional step
God with out mukhatheyuth in the minds of the devotees
Panthal Mangalam
A great event in the minds of the people
Some assembled with devotion
To some to feed their empty stomach
Others, maily the kachavadakkar, an occassion to collect money to feed their family
Some others a platform to prove their administrative power
Majority behave in good and neat manner
Valyakkar shows a committed life
I met Sri Raghavan master
To learn many things from him
how to behave and like things
He shines in the Perumkaliyattam not with preaching but with practice
Sometimes because of his devotion to goddess Sree Muchilot Bagavathi
He knows everything about the origin of Muchilot Bagavathi and the Eramam temple

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