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kannangat bagavathi [ bagavathy ]

Kannangat Bagavathi a form of Durga
Believed to be the divinity that heralded Krishna's avatar, so her name is "Kannangattu", or "The One Who Showed Kannan (Krishna)". Bhagavathy is often said to be the sister of Vishnu
When Vishnu descended on Earth as Krishna
Kannangat Bagavathi proceeded him
The Theyyam legend of this goddess follows a regional variant of the Bhagavatham.
It was said that Krishna's parents were held hostage by the wicked King Kamsa. Kamsa was told by an oracle that his sister (Devaki) and her husband (Vasudeva) would produce a son that would end his cruel reign. That son would be Krishna, and to prevent the prophecy from coming true, Kamsa hoped to murder him once he was born. In order to facilitate this, he kept Devaki and Vasudeva in prison. And anytime Devaki gave birth, Kamsa would grab the infant and smash it onto the ground.
After rescuing the souls of the murdered infants, Bhagavathy decided to save her brother's earthly avatar. So when he was born, she took the form of a small baby in the house of a cow-herder named Nanda, who lived some distance from Kamsa. She then had her own earthly form exchanged with that of Krishna's. She thought certainly Kamsa would not hurt a small baby girl, especially since the prophecy foretold his demise at the hands of a boy.
But when Kamsa heard the baby's cries, he did not discriminate, and went to kill the small girl. The baby girl flew out of his hands, and assumed her real form as BhadraKaali. This terrified Kamsa, who was warned by the goddess that his end at the hands of Krishna was near.
The Goddess then flew around the world to bestow blessings and accept the worship of all beings. She was requested by the gods to bring down the evil demon Mahisaura, who would only be vulnerable to a "kanni" or small girl. Since the goddess was in the avatar of a small girl, she defeated him. (this part of the story is related to, but somewhat distinct from, the story of Durga in the Devi Mahatmyam).
The Goddess then came to a town in Kerala, hoping to meet the great goddess Muchilottu Bhagavathy (see above). When Kannangatu arrived, a festival for Siva was underway. Siva was afraid that the Goddess would eclipse him in brilliance, and so ordered his priests to have her bound with a chain. Grudingly, and out of respect for Siva, Kannangatu Bhagavathy allowed herself to be bound, but she was very angry that she (a divinity who had served the gods by slaying the Mahisasura, by helping Krishna escape from Kamsa, and by several other efforts) should be treated so poorly.
At the end of the festival, she burst from her bindings in order to demonstrate her power to both Siva and his priests. She then cursed them all with smallpox, since they committed a great sin by disrespecting a guest. They pleaded with her to remove the pox, but instead, she directed them to call upon the Goddess Muchilottu Bhagavathy.
Upon hearing the prayers addressed to her, the always merciful Muchilottu Amman appeared on the scene. She healed the afflicted persons, and then went talk with Kannagattu Devi. Kannangattu said to Muchilottu Amman that she had actually spread the disease with the hope that this might induce the other goddess to arrive in the area and bring her blessings. She said she had heard of Muchilottu's fame, and wanted to meet the goddess herself. Moved by her affection, Muchilottu promised to always be with Kannangatu Amman. Thus the two goddesses became great friends, and whenever one is worshipped, the other will always be present.

Every year Kannangat Bagavathy theyyam have been performed in Payyanur
One at Edat Kannangat temple
Next year at Kokkanisseri Kannangat temple
The thirumudi of Kannangat bagavathy consists of
1. poothanda
2. pathi
3. mallika
4. chekki
5. silver paper
6. Flowers made of tender coconut
7. Chekkimala
8. Thalathanda
9. Thalapalli
10. Ekali
11. Olakathu
12. Kayattikkettu
13. Arimbumala
14. Eiyaram
15. Munkaivala
16. Choondakam
17. Poothanda
18. Chendu valayan
19. Vithanathara
20. Chilambu
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  1. Please change this name this is actually not kannangattu bhagavathy this is Muchi lottu bagavathy Beause there is no Flower hanging over THIRUMUDI for kannangattu bhagavathy