Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Perumalayan heads the group of Malayan theyyam performers
Below him there are some Panikkers
Below the Panikkers the ordinary theyyam artists
Today [ 5.6.2010 ] I met the Perumalayan of Kodakkad
His word tells the divinity in him
He commands the performance of Moovalam Chamundi there
Panikkers like Kothorman and Priyesh present there
I talked him about Moovalamkuzhi chamundi
Q: Why Moovalamkuzhi chamundi at Kodavalam Mahavishnu temple, Perumbla Karicherri tharavad, Trikkannad temple etc differed from the performance from Nileshwar Veerarkkavu, Karivellur Someswari madappally madam, and Vellur?
A :
Q : Is there any relation between Madaikavu and Moovalamkuzhi Chamundi?
Q: The origin of Moovalam Kuzhi Chamundi?
A : Related to the attack of Pandyan king

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